Mayor wishes T.O.'s top cop a speedy recovery from kidney transplant [Photos]

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Toronto’s mayor covered both art and science during his city rounds Saturday.

At the unveiling of a nature-themed mural in a public housing complex near Victoria Park and Finch Aves., in Scarborough, John Tory addressed the Toronto Police chief’s impending kidney transplant.

”On behalf of all Toronto residents, I wish Chief Mark Saunders and his wife Stacey all the best as they undergo this surgery together,” he said. “I hope they both come through with flying colours.”

Tory also commended the city’s top cop for urging people to sign up for the organ donation program.

On Monday, Saunders will undergo surgery; the donor is his wife, Stacey.

The chief developed kidney disease in the 1990s and currently functions with one kidney, which needs to be replaced.

“Battling kidney disease while serving as the chief of police could not have been easy,” said Tory. “It’s a testament to the chief’s strength and determination.

“I know that will serve him well as he goes through this transplant procedure,” the mayor added.

Asked what he had known in advance about the Chief’s health woes, Tory said he was aware for some time that Saunders had a kidney-related medical challenge.

“I knew about the operation,” Tory said. “Obviously, when to make that public and what to say...that’s up to him. It was up to him to make that decision and he did. I’m just glad he’s getting the surgery. “

Later, Tory added, “He’s a great police chief, doing a great job for us. I hope he’s back in the saddle soon after a successful surgery and I hope his wife Stacey also has a great recovery. We need him back as soon as possible."

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